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  • Provide a list of resources in SOMS client’s area (OHP, ADES, housing, employment, self-help groups, etc.).

Public Service Work

  • Forward client (requiring public service work) to the appropriate agency or program. Electronically monitor and verify completion of hours.

Electronic Home Detention

  • Forward client to the appropriate agency or program. Electronically monitor and verify completion of days served.


  • Forward client to court ordered jail. Electronically verify days served.

Court Ordered Treatment

Assist SOMS client in locating appropriate services meeting the requirements of the bench probation order. Monitor and verify SOMS’s client status through treatment.

Court Payments

  • Forward client to court to set up payment plan for restitution, court fines and fees. Electronically monitor through OJIN.  

New Criminal Activity

Check monthly for new criminal activity throughout the duration of the defendants bench probation. SOMS checks OJIN, LEDS and booking sheets for this purpose.


  • We listen to our client and through motivational interviewing, develop a plan for successful completion. We then listen and then coach our client through the steps.  


    We attend court to report status of defendants on bench probation. We also communicate frequently with defense attorneys, prosecutors, and others in the system to report status of clients and assist in their success. 

Court Orders

  • Prepare court orders: Bench Probation Extension, Probation Violation Show Cause documents, Early Bench Probation Termination, etc. Documents are electronically created through the SOMS database and then distributed through email to the SOMS client, defense attorney, prosecutor, and the court – the judge in some cases. 


Welcome to Southern Oregon Monitoring Services. Clients are referred to this service by the court as a result of being placed on bench probation.

SOMS will provide the client with information on how to complete community service work, how to set up payment plans with the court, and provide any additional information that may be needed to fulfill the conditions as imposed on the bench probation order.

SOMS is strictly a monitoring program for the court. SOMS does not provide recommendations to the court; nor do we provide any legal advice. Should you find that you need legal advice during your bench probation status, you will need to contact an attorney.

If you have any questions, you can call 541-883-6930.

As with any program or service, it is important to develop a foundation for each offenders to ensure there is no confusion about the terms and expectations from the court.  SOMS provides each offender with a one-on-one orientation. This orientation reviews the court order, provides the offender with a list of resources in the community that can assist the offender with meeting terms and conditions of bench probation as outlined by the court and introduces the offender to SOSM personnel, which will assist in guiding the offender through the process of bench probation. Eliminating confusion, and providing a clear picture of how to be successful will increase the offender’s ability to successfully complete the conditions of bench probation monitoring. Eliminating the barrier of “I don’t understand” or “I was confused” will increase offender accountability.

SOMS will provide a “road map” for each offender providing them with a list of local resources for alcohol and drug treatment, cognitive behavioral programming, community service placements, alternative incarceration services (if allowed by the court order), information on how and where to pay court fines and fees,  family counseling and mental health services.

Each offender will be provided their own log in information to their client file. This log in information allows the offender to check in at any time with SOMS. Offenders can change their address, phone number or other contact information 24 hours per day 7 days per week. In addition, offenders can see their progress meeting the terms of their bench probation conditions. Community service work hours, fee balances and treatment program updates can be viewed by the offenders to they can take an active approach to ensure their files are up to date an accurate.  This ownership in their monitoring will also assist in ensuring compliance.

Offenders also have the ability to report in person and by telephone, if internet access is not available.

Bench Probation Case Management System
SOMS provides the court with up to date access of the SOMS database. Each Judge has the ability to log in to their own “docket “and view the progress of each offender they have placed on bench probation.  This real time information allows the Judge to see the status of each special condition imposed by the court. Realizing that accurate information is imperative to the credibility of the court system, SOMS is committed to updating all information immediately upon receipt.

If information is received that the offender is non-compliant with any conditions of bench probation, SOMS will notify the court immediately of the probation violation.

How much does Bench Probation Monitoring Cost?
Bench probation monitoring does not cost the public any money.  SOMS charges each offender placed on bench probation a $30 orientation fee and $25 per month monitoring fee. In addition, it important to note that SOMS will reduce the offender fee to $15 per month once the offender has completed all special conditions of bench probation.  This incentive encourages offenders to work quickly to complete special conditions and maintain compliance with their bench probation.

What else can SOMS offer?
SOMS staff is certified to deliver Moral Reconaction Therapy (MRT). SOMS can provide cognitive-behavioral groups for low risk offenders.  SOMS utilizes Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and depending on the offenders need, we can structure the treatment utilizing any number of the MRT curriculum, including Escape Your Prison, Staying Quit, Responsible Living or Something for Nothing.  For more information on MRT, please visit